Model 85-6.8 Chest Freezer

Model 85-6.8 Chest Freezer


This model will hold approximately 220lb. of dry ice. 

Versatile Design

Standard models and custom designs.

Comfortable Access

Low-profile design with toe space. Controls are conveniently mounted in front recessed instrument panel.

Safety & Easy Access

Counter-balanced lid with magnetic gasket. Brushed aluminum and thermoplastic tubular handle with separate Keyed Hasp Lock. Sub-Lid is added for additional protection of content

Standard Visual/Audible Alarm

Alarm monitoring system indicates power-on and displays visual/ audible warning of rise in temperature and/or power failure.

Sturdy Construction

Outer cabinet is welded steel with textured powder coat finish. Interior compartment is welded steel with smooth white powder coat finish.

CFC Free

All products are manufactured using CFC-free, non-toxic, non-combustible and non-ozone depleting refrigerant. Compressors are permanently lubricated and hermetically sealed.

Convenient Storage

Rack Systems available or customized systems to your specification. 

Safe and Economical

Freezers are manufactured using environmentally safe high-density, non settling fiber glass insulation.


Non-Locking heavy duty (recessed) swivel type. (Locking casters are available upon request)

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